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Summer Overtures
Freedom for Mr.Mildew
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To Hell With Thomas Bowdler,
       Mrs Grundy & Mary Whitehouse!
Lock Up Your Sons
On Pleasure Bent
Gay Abandon
Heavenly Blue
Sodomy Is Not Enough !
Cave Canem
Sour Grapes
Lust & Malice
Orts and All
Recorded Oral Histories
A Funny Old Quist
The Good Deeds of a Good Woman
A Stranger in Gloucester
At the Dog in Dulwich
Four Acres and A Donkey
Love, Dears!
Born to Sing
Clive Murphy
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Clive Murphy was born in Liverpool in 1935. He was educated and brought up in Ireland where he qualified as a solicitor. In 1958 he emigrated to London. His 'Summer Overtures' was joint winner of Adam International Review's First Novel Award in 1972. 'Freedom for Mr. Mildew' & 'Nigel Someone' appeared to critical acclaim in one volume in 1975. A series of nine recorded autobiographies, as listed on this website, followed.

Of Clive Murphy's Oral Histories
Patrick Garland wrote:
"Marvellous work, full of vitality, humour, courage and street sadness."

And Ronald Blythe wrote:
"They are a marriage of art and artlessness, and a marriage that works. Their collective impact is extraordinary.... As mid-wife rather than ghost Clive Murphy, has delivered an eloquent child whose chatter has a way of slipping into revelation."

Since 1999, Clive Murphy has published nine books of comic, often ribald, verse. The ninth, 'Lock Up Your Sons', was published in April 2014