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ISBN 9780436296703 (Hardback)
A Stranger in Gloucester
Memoirs of an Austrian refugee
By Mrs Falge-Wahl

An absorbing account of Gloucester life and English customs from the point of view of an outsider.

A talented observer of people, Mrs. Falge-Wahl pulls no punches.
Gloucester Citizen


You know, hearing the tape played back amazes me! It's like a comedy! For the first time I hear myself that there is an Austrian accent. If I speak to you, I don't hear myself that I have an accent. When I say, 'Hello!' People ask, 'What nationality are you?', I could kill them! A hundred times they say to me, 'For God's sake don't lose your accent! It is fascinating and charming!' But to have an accent after so long annoys me! If others have accents - I've an ear for accents - I say to myself 'Oh my God! that they still pronounce it like that!' What I hear now of me on the tape, I am shocked, it is terrible - TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!

Mrs Falge-Wahl