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ISBN 978-0-9541563-6-7

On Pleasure Bent
Ribald Rhymes

On Pleasure Bent, Clive Murphy's eigth book of ribald rhymes.
Published March, 2013.

ISBN 978-0-9541563-6-7
76pp. £9.95

By repute, Clive Murphy’s ‘On Pleasure Bent’ is his most consistently entertaining and provocative book of gay verse to date. The menagerie, though, is the same - wayward priests and civil partners, warring he-bitches, ruthless groomers, vain- glorious monsters… Each poem, long or short, hits its target with funny, and often shocking, accuracy. But not all the verses are savage. ’Pubic Survey’ is the poet at his gentle best. The illustrations are first class.

Pubic Survey

Ropy, plaited ,
Dank and moulting,
So revolting;
A jungle tangle
Draping the dangle;
Prickly thicket,
Nothing in it;
Topiary hedges,
Shaven edges;
Bosky, stubby,
Tufty; flossy;
Wispy; mossy.
Paths unchartered;
Pleated; puckered,
Sheer seersuckered;

Air-starved, stuffy;
Knotty; thistly;
Shaggy, bristly;
Musty, fusty,
Cobwebbed, dusty;
Brown as gravy;
Dyed in streaks;
Unwashed for weeks;
Jewelled, bling-sick;
Farmer's cow lick;
In a queenly Pompadour;
Scraped across a skin that's poor
Crabs galory,
Rocky shory;
Daisy fresh,
A mazy mesh —

              Can't continue my research:
              Mother's waiting by the church.
              Lied to her I'd hardly roam
              Till I caught the last bus home.
              Tonight I've risked some impropriety —
              You have to, if you need variety.
              Back next week to reach satiety.
              Perhaps I'll bring a brush and comb.












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