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ISBN 978-0-9541563-7-4

Lock Up Your Sons
Ribald Rhymes

Lock Up Your Sons, Clive Murphy's ninth book of ribald rhymes.
Published April , 2014.

ISBN 978-0-9541563-7-4

One is ricocheted at breakneck speed between shrewd observation, knife-edge satire and inspired nonsense with exhilarating effects.

Stuck Up

"I wish you wouldn't call me 'mate'.
Mates we'll never be.
You're rather common, I can tell.
You're Radio 2, I'm 3."

A Paedophile Bemoans His Lot

Some scout for girls, I scout for boys.
The younger the better. They're toys.
But, oh, life's not easy.
I'm thought to be sleazy.
Whatever I do annoys.
I can't show affection,
Insert my erection,
Even to show it makes noise.
It's the parents who shout
When sex is about.
Boys, they will always be boys.
I'm trapped in a a box,
Caged by parents' faux shocks.
Without them my way could be done;

The weather'd be sunny,
I'd chase each boy bunny,
Run free as a fox, have some fun.


I met a peacock in the snow.
His tail was far from weeny.
"It once was in a film!" he cried.
"It even thrilled Fellini."







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