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ISBN 9780234778913 (Hardback)



The Good Deeds of A Good Woman

Memoirs of an East End
hostel dweller
by Beatrice Ali

A vivid story of inner city survival, giving unique insights into mixed marriage, homelessness and bouts of mental breakdown.

Clive Murphy's interest in
Mrs. Ali is social, not moral.
He has been faithful to her.
Nina Bawden

Someone saw me with an old man, they said 'I wouldn't do it. I' wouldn't have no interest if I went out with a old man like that'. I said, 'What you would do and what I would do is two different things. My heart is soft. If I thought anybody needed food and I had the money I'd buy it for them. If I had two shillings and someone needed a shilling I'd give it to them'. This old man, bless him, he couldn't thank me enough. He said, 'Oh you are so kind to me. I do appreciate this kindness.' The morning after I put him in this armchair I went round to the Maltese shop near the nuns' and got him a cup of tea and took it to him - he'd been out all night sitting in this armchair. 'Here you are, Dad. Here's a cup of tea and a couple of cigarettes. And here you are, here's ten pence.' I said, 'Are you all right, Dad?' He said, 'I'm all right. Don't worry. But come back and see me again. I always look forward to you. You are so kind.'