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ISBN 9780234722572
Oiky - The Memoirs of a Pigman

By Len Mills, Suffolk pigman

A preacher and former pigman reminisces about farm life, including its cruelties and his successful fight against cancer.

A very honest life story, it sheds interesting light on the changes in farming methods and social attitudes during the past 50 years
East Anglican Times

Oiky includes as an appendix, a unique history of the village of Alpheton, Suffolk,
written by Len Mills' father-in-law.

"I love animals as much as I do God - they're all to do with Him." Len Mills

When I've fed the pigs I don't hear nothing of them all day. Only when I go to feed them again and they know I'm coming they'll start to squeal. It's funny about animals. Other people go past their doors and that at feeding times and they don't take no notice. But when they hear me - whether they hear the sound or get the scent or what - they all start to squeal!

Altogether we've got twelve cats - Sooty, Twinkle, Topsy, Smut, Ginger, Smoky or Little Miss Big Eyes, Tabby, Pluppy, Pandy, Woolly, Star and Sparky. Then we've got a dog, a labrador crossed boxer called Gypsy; three game banties: Annabel, Diane and Diana; five hens, two cockerels and five ordinary banties; one budgie: Sammy; two hamsters: Scrooge and Sherry; and eleven rabbits - Bambi, Bimbo, Spotty, Squeak, Sweep, George, Puffin and Muffin, Soot, and Dimple and Dapple. They're all fed twice a day except for the cats, the dog and the budgie and the hamsters; the cats and the dog are fed three times a day, and the budgie and hamsters once.

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