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ISBN 9780234774014 (Hardback)
Summer Overtures

Four young Irishmen - an autodidact and crankly sociologist/researcher
; a popular journalist; a male prostitute and writer manqué; and a private tutor - are as corrupt as the London where they've come to settle.

A witty, tough novel from a writer of substantial talents.
Roger Barker.

Sulphurous sketches of life at several different levels of decay - personal, social, even in a sense political.
Adam International Review

It makes angelic use of words (and sentences and paragraphs). It is lucid, cool, sly and inventive ... may well be required reading, having become a classic.
Brigid Brophy

Brisk, dense and quite devoid of self-indulgence... The story is told
with discipline and at a terrific pace. - Sunday Times

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