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ISBN 9780954156336
Sodomy Is Not Enough
Ribald Rhymes and Other Verse
by Clive Murphy

55pp Paperback £9.95
Published March 2008

Like it or loathe it, Clive Murphy's verse is fast becoming a cult, an institution, and has caused an extraordinary gamut of reaction: "The new Dorothy Parker", "A gay McGonagall", "indelicate", "disgusting", "a breath of fresh air", "witty yet compassionate", "offensive - nothing, no one spared", "charming", "He usually rhymes, scans and makes sense with clunky perversity, "inspirational"...

Sodomy Is Not Enough!’ is Murphy’s  fifth book of verse. His previous titles were Sour Grapes, Cave Canem, Orts and All,and Lust and Malice. His novels are Summer Overtures (joint winner of the Adam International First Novel Award), Freedom for Mr.Mildew and Nigel Someone. His series of recorded autobiographies - of an east End hostel-dweller, an East End Jewish tenor, a lavatory attendant, a former chorus girl, a pigman, a gamekeeper, a left-wing socialite, a riverkeeper, an Austrian refugee and a poet - will continue with a headmaster, a transsexual and a cat lady. He is at present grieving the death of his cat, Joan, named after the latter.

Of the 74 poems of 'Sodomy Is Not Enough!,
these are three.:

World Cup Defeat

Yob, yob, yob.
Hear how they sob!
Their heroes run after a ball for a living;
You'd think it was lives in Iraq they were giving.
I'm a snob.


I found him without wit.
I was not prepared to woo.
I asked him from my branch to flit.
I'm glad he's hooting you.

Irish Plasterer and His English Mate

'Get off me back, young bucko!'
'I can't, old chap. I'm stucco!'

Another poem, 'The Ugly Snail', is on the Biography Page

ISBN 9780954156336